Mary Jane – Good Times


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Mary Jane

Down the rabbit hole. This board is the step-up version from Mary. It is the ultimate stick for girls who want to charge. We build upon the proven shape of her little sister and tweaked the profile. The mild camber in the middle blends into a rocker in the front and back. This gives pop and control when you need it while maintaining an easy, forgiving ride and float in powder. The perfect all mountain board for intermediate to experienced riders.

True Twin – Hybrid Camber

Combining the best of both worlds results in a camber that is centered in the middle and blends into
a rocker profile at nose and tail. This profile is good option for demanding all-round riders.

Flex Scale

We increased the flex somewhat compared to its little sister Mary, yielding more stability at higher speeds and adding to the pop.


Here you find detailed background information to all the components we use.

Powerflex Bamboo Core

Entropy Bio Resin

Sintered Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Base

Biaxial Glasfibers

360 PU Infinity Sidewall