Scuba – Swell


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Attach the snorkel and submerge. Our professional diving apparatus will resurface you safely every time. The shovel’s shape and flex are specifically designed to maximize buoyancy. By the width of the board and its flattened rocker profile you will simply glide over even the deepest pow. The overall flex characteristics create a bounce back that pushes you to the surface. Made to enjoy the simple pleasure of having a good time.

Directional – Flat

The rocker in the front of this board generates the necessary float in its natural habitat and the flat base provides a loose and surfy feel.

Flex Scale

The flex characteristics of this board are carefully balanced to further emphasize the loose and floaty response.


Here you find detailed background information to all the components we use.

Powerflex Bamboo Core

Entropy Bio Resin

Sintered Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Base

Biaxial Glasfibers

360 PU Infinity Sidewall