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Under the Hood

Materials we use

We only use the best perfoming components for building our snowboards to deliver a product of highest quality and as sustainable as currently possible. In this section we give a detailed insight into the materials we process. You will find the same icons on each product page to easily check what your ride is made out of.

Powerflex Bamboo Core Tip-to-Tail

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on planet erath and the most renewable material available. Bamboo is a grass under botanical point of views and as such forestry is very different compared to traditional timber. It is cut after around six years of growth when it reaches its maximal strengh which is around ten times earlier than regular wood. During harvest one only cuts the stem while the plant itself is left intact and it will start to regrow again. Bamboo needs very little water and no pestizides. Its requirements on the land are only marginal and it is thus a prime product for sustainable forestry. Because of its exceptional speed of growth bamboo captures great amounts of carbon dioxide and its carbon footprint is still negative even when taking into account the oversea shipment from China. Bamboo has a high strength-to-weigth stratio and has been used as construction material for centuries in Asia. Together with its long fibers this culminates in a core with crazy pop and liveliness, natural dampening and outstanding breakage properties. We use full bamboo cores from tip to tail on all our boards.

Entropy Bio Resin

Entropy Resins takes pride in creating sustainable epoxies that lower the impact on the environment without compromising performance. Through green chemistry, sustainable raw materials, and efficient manufacturing they are able to conserve energy, minimize harmful byproducts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of their resins and hardeners. This Epoxy resin is certified under the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label program. It is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Sintered Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Base

Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass out of powder plastic by simultaneous application of heat and pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction. This results in a porous material which absorbs wax way better than regular bases. We use ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethlyen which makes the base super durable against any form of impact. It is manufactured in Austria.

360 PU Infinity Sidewall

We developed our very own sidewall manufacturing process using a high-impact resistant polyurethan with outstanding physical properties. The result is a seamless sidewall surrounding the whole core without any form of weak joint. The formular we use turns into a sidewall which absorbs impacts without breaking, delivers a damp ride and yields a superior bonding to the steel edges.

Triaxial Glasfibers

Glasfibers are needed as a structural element in board construction. They distribute the force and materialize the flex properties of a snowboard. Individual glasfibers are bundled into rovings which are then placed along different angles. Triaxal layered glasfibers increase the torsional stiffness of a snowboard and distribute the force more evenly along the edge. The result is a snowboard with a more agressive and direct approach. Our glasfibers are woven in Italy.

Biaxial Glasfibers

Biaxial layered glasfibers reduce the torsional stiffness and focus the force more directly to your feet.The result is an easy and more mellow ride.

Bamboo Natural Sidewall

Bamboo is a hard wood and can be used as sidewall material. In the tip and tail area we still use our regular sidewall material to protect the cut bamboo fibers of the core from soaking up water. Along the side of the board the core is extended to full width and turns into a sidewall of classic elegance and less plastic. Apply a bit of wood care oil from time to time to maintain longevity.

Pow Stance

To turn a twin board into a pow weapon we introduced the pow stance. If it is really deep you can utilize these pairs of inserts to add an extra portion of setback to your setup. The resulting shorter tail and  longer nose will give you more float in powder and less burning legs.

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