Mary – Mellow Mauve


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Mary is easy going. A chill lady bound to perform in everyday conditions. The mellow rocker rises the tip and tail just enough to avoid catching the edge, but the grip is there if you need it. With the flex being on the softer side this board is playful and prone to deliver some happy days on the mountains.

True Twin – Rocker

The slightly lifted nose and tail reduce the edge grip near the contact points. This results in a playful, forgiving board suited for mellow, happy days in the park or on the slopes.

Flex Scale

This board is meant to deliver fun and mellow days on the mountain. For that reason we chose a soft flex for Mary which turns it into a really playful board.


Here you find detailed background information to all the components we use.

Powerflex Bamboo Core

Entropy Bio Resin

Sintered Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Base

Biaxial Glasfibers

360 PU Infinity Sidewall